SEO Reseller Program

SEO Affiliate Program Overview:

This page outlines the SEO Leads Reseller Program. We have established local web design partners across the U.S., enabling our clients from all areas to work closely and directly with a local agency for their web design needs. Our Web Design partners depend on SEO Leads to provide quality SEO services to their clients.  This ensures our Partnership program is a mutually-beneficial relationship in all aspects.


Payout for scheduling a call with an SEO Lead:

That’s right. Just for “getting us to the plate” and scheduling a call with one of your clients, prospects, or referrals, we will compensate you $20. You still earn your commission if we end up signing up the client 


Selling our SEO service:

We will handle the sales call with your client. Please schedule it directly with your account manager, using their calendar like. We’ll call you, patch in your client, and then take the call together.

    • transitioning a client away from another SEO provider
    • educating a client who isn’t currently using SEO service


Selling your web design service:

  1. We work with web design partners who are:
  2. experiencing a growth of clientele and can receive multiple projects from us simultaneously,
  3. do not currently offer SEO as an in-house solution to their clients, and
  4. who prefer to have an established SEO agency providing fulfillment.
  5. Our web design partners are unique assets, because the relationship is usually mutually beneficial. Many of our top web design partners depend on us to send them clientele, while we depend on our partner network to provide us opportunities to work with great clients who need SEO.
  6. I’m only interested in selling your SEO service. Is that OK? Yes.


SEO Reseller Payment

Your commission / revenue share:

We’ll service your client(s) directly and send you a monthly revenue share payment, starting at 15%, and going up to 25% based on the number of active clients you have.  Payments are sent on the 15th of each month for all revenues generated during the previous calendar month. The chart below shows the % you’ll receive based on number of active accounts.

1-10 15%
11-25 20.00%
26-50 22.50%
51+ 25%


Our commission:

Any project you secure from one of our leads will be a contract with your company directly and therefore the client pays your firm. We will invoice you for a “commission” or revenue share of 15% the revenue generated from projects you secure from our leads or referrals.


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