SEO Reseller Program

This page outlines the SEO Leads Reseller Program. We have established local web design partners across the U.S., enabling our clients from all areas to work closely and directly with SEO Resellers for their web design needs. Our Web Design partners depend on SEO Leads to provide quality SEO services to their clients.  This ensures our Partnership program is a mutually-beneficial relationship in all aspects. Generally the fastest way to produce revenue is when our web design partners setup their previous / current with a call to discuss SEO. The reason is that all businesses need SEO, just as they need a website. 

******Note regarding referrals*******
In the beginning, we don’t want to claim or imply that we will have a consistent stream of requests for you. The reason is that 1) we are still building our network of web design partners and subsequent lead flow, and 2) our goal is to eventually set each prospect up with a provider that is local to them.  This is why most of our partners start by seeing if their own previous clients are interested in SEO. 

Resellers of SEO – How does SEO Reselling work?  

It’s a 2-way partnership enabling web design agencies to work with an effective, proven, and reputable partner – SEO Leads. SEO Leads is building its network of local web design partners to enable prospects in our network to seek help from a local professional.

What does a 2-way partnership mean for SEO Resellers? 

We both refer each other clients for a revenue share – simple as that. We don’t offer web design services and prefer to utilize our network of web design partners to facilitate the needs of any clients or prospects in our network. In return our partners setup calls between our SEO pros and their clients who have interest in growing their SEO presence. This makes them effective resellers of SEO and enables them to generate substantial recurring revenue.

How do I get started? 

  • Please fill out the partner application here.
  • Once accepted, you’ll receive a residual 15% revenue share for the life of the account. The more involved you are with our process and account management, the longer retention you’ll see from your client base. 
  • The next stage is to follow the step by step guide below to engage your previous / current clients.

Do you offer private label SEO services if I want to be a white label SEO company? 

  • It depends on the situation, in terms of the volume and type of clients, market place, and logistics between each side. 
  • In general we are open to opportunities and a flexible organization although can be quite complicated when looking at fulfillment and brand maintenance. 


Step 1 in SEO Reselling:

Send our email template to your clients to determine their interest. 

The fastest way to determine if a client would like to discuss SEO is by sending an email, via a 3rd party service such as SendGrid, MailChimp, etc. We will provide you with “SEO reseller messaging” that’s proven to be effective, without being “pushy” or “salesy”. We convince any business to use SEO, as clients that will be a good fit already understand that they need it. We determine the clients that might be the best fit, based on their goals and the opportunities that exist within their marketplace and budget.  


Step 2:

Schedule a call with an SEO Lead:

After connecting with your client / prospect and determining that they are interested in discussing digital marketing, you can setup a Zoom call with one of our SEO technicians, yourself, and your client, so that we can discuss their goals, needs, and potential results if we are to work together. You will earn a revenue share if we end up signing up the client. 

Step 3:

Selling SEO service:

We will handle the sales call with your client. After scheduling the time using our SEO technicians’ calendar link, the call will take place via Zoom, and we will discuss any high level or specific questions the client might have. Then we generally go through a technical report of their website environment, to determine the opportunity for improvement. These calls are especially effective when:

    • transitioning a client away from another SEO provider,
    • educating a client who isn’t currently using SEO service,
    • explaining to the client the difference between legitimate SEO and “online spam”,
    • discussing any previous negative experiences the client may have had with another SEO company or digital marketing agency


Who makes a great SEO Leads partner?

  1. Agencies / Individuals who have experience with growing a client base and can handle multiple projects simultaneously,
  2. You do not currently offer SEO as an in-house solution to your clients or you’d like to explore other options.
  3. You prefer to have an established SEO agency providing fulfillment.



Your commission / revenue share:

We’ll service your client(s) directly and send you a monthly revenue share payment, starting at 15%, and going up to 25% based on the number of active clients you have.  Payments are sent on the 15th of each month for all revenues generated during the previous calendar month. The chart below shows the % you’ll receive based on number of active accounts.

1-10 15%
11-25 20.00%
26-50 22.50%
51+ 25%



Our commission:

Any project you secure from one of our leads will be a contract with your company directly and therefore the client pays your firm. We will invoice you for a “commission” or revenue share of 15% the revenue generated from projects you secure from our leads or referrals.


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SEO Reseller Program FAQ

  1. I’m only interested in selling your SEO service. Is that OK? Yes.
  2. How much money can I earn via the revenue share? There is no limit and it’s based on the number of clients you bring to us. 
  3. Do I have to understand SEO? No, our specialists get on the call with yourself and your client, to discuss the parameters and their questions in depth. 
  4. How often are revenue share payments? We send payments on the 15th of the month, for revenue generated in the previous calendar month. 
  5. I’ve worked with another digital marketing that burned me – what sets you aside? We hear this story all too often. What sets us aside is that we provide transparent, legitimate SEO and digital marketing. We focus on actually generating leads / conversions / actions for the client, so that in addition to providing tangible results we can measure their increased performance throughout the life of the account. This alleviates discussions like “we are ranking for keyword-x, but why isn’t it generating traffic?”. 
  6. My client needs help with other aspects of their back-end, such as lead management, crm setup, and messaging. Can you help? Yes, our team has extensive experience in setting up ecosystems for our clients, so that their website and sales team provides one seamless experience for both the customer and employees. 

What is an SEO Reseller Program?

This describes a scenario in which one entity or person is able to offer the services provided by an SEO Company, to businesses, in return for a revenue share or commission of some type. SEO Leads helps our resellers to generate recurring residual commission. 

How Do I Resell SEO?

In general, most companies who resell SEO or partner with agencies as an SEO affiliate, already work with business clientele. This makes it easy for them to either refer the client to the SEO partner, or discuss and sell the service directly (if it’s a private label SEO reseller). 

How do I sell SEO Services to clients?

If you’re dealing specifically with active customers the process is much easier. We provide SEO reseller partners with email templates to use to determine interest. If the prospect wants to see a website report and discuss, you can schedule a time with our team, the client, and yourself, on our calendar. 

What are the best white label SEO Providers?

The companies you see on a “top seo providers” list or the likes, may not always actually be “the best”. Most are paying to be on those “Top Agencies” list. The best way is to look for an agency who communicates well, works with transparency, and outlines specific goals and milestones that the campaign needs to hit. We believe in clear metrics, typically looking at the number of leads or potential new customers that we help clients to generate.