Small Business SEO Stats You Need To Know2 min read

Small Business SEO Stats You Need To Know

SEO statistics you should know that positively influence your small business.

As a small business owner, have you ever wondered how SEO stats are stacking up and could be affecting you? It’s important that you understand the percentage of consumers you could be influencing if you’re not utilizing the following strategies.

Below are the SEO stats you need to know for small businesses.

Search engine usage

Everyone uses a search engine for one reason or another, but have you considered customers are searching for terms that could put your business in front of them? According to Telstra Small Business Intelligence Report, “83% of customers believe using search engines is ‘important’ or ‘very important’ when finding a business, and 47% of customers under the age of 40 report using a search engine to find or research a small business at least once a day. However, only 26% of small business owners say they are using SEO tactics to reach more customers on platforms such as Google and Bing.”

SEO and SEM strategies

More than half of the businesses surveyed by Telstra said they do not intend to use SEO tactics, which is a huge mistake. 72% of businesses said search engine marketing (SEM) don’t currently form part of their, while 76% of the business owners surveyed say word-of-mouth is responsible for driving the newest sales. These statistics show the amount of small businesses missing out on consumers by not using SEO and SEM properly or at all. Telstra also found that 48% of consumers said they would stop considering buying from a business if it did not have a website.

Online communication

Having an online presence is extremely important nowadays, especially when communicating with consumers. In fact, Telstra found that 28% of consumers were also more likely to be interested in chatting online with businesses, while 9% of businesses were interested in communicating online. Unfortunately, 74% of small business owners overwhelmingly favored talking to their customers face-to-face. This percentage is frustrating as most consumers won’t step foot in a business without checking a business’ website first.

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