The Top 3 Elements of High-Quality Website Traffic2 min read

The Top 3 Elements of High-Quality Website Traffic

The success of your business will greatly depend on the quality and quantity of website traffic. Whether or not your operations are online or off, having a thriving presence on the web is something every business wants.

The following are three of the main elements that will increase the quantity and quality of the traffic flowing to your website.

#1 – Organic Website Traffic

Every website’s dream is to have a consistent flow of organic traffic. Ranked at number one because of its value, organic traffic is the type of movement you want coming to your website.

Organic traffic is simply visitors that came to your website without you having to pay for them. Organic flows come from search engine results: searchers from all over the world input certain words and phrases into search engines and the results lead them to your website.

Organic traffic is mentioned as the first element because striving to acquire it will force you to create an effective marketing campaign. The basis of your campaign to get organic traffic is Search Engine Optimization, SEO.

#2 – Search Engine Optimization

The ups and downs of SEO have been well documented since its inception and continual evolution. Some even argue that SEO is dead; they couldn’t be more mistaken.

The fact of the matter is, SEO is still very much alive and remains a valuable strategy to increase the rankings of your website pages. Not only will your website be delivered as top page search result, but you will also increase the overall score of your website.

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#3 – Social Media Strategy

An effective social media strategy is much more than just creating accounts and sporadically releasing content.

Social media is about providing value and showing sincere engagement. It’s imperative to understand which channel prefers which content. Your Twitter followers will expect a different energy from you than your Facebook friends.

In addition to valuable and relevant content, make sure to stay engaged. It’s the back and forth exchange that makes social media powerful. Answer questions, give feedback and respond to comments. This is what will build relationships and what will make your website a shareable resource.

It’s safe to say these three elements are mandatory for an effective strategy that increases high-quality traffic. In fact, it may be virtually impossible to achieve the results you are looking for without them.

It’s also important to understand, that there are many more components required to achieve and maintain consistent traffic.

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