A New And Improved Google Analytics 4 Is Here and It’s Awesome5 min read

A New And Improved Google Analytics 4 Is Here and It’s Awesome

Here’s how we’re helping SEO Resellers breakdown the necessary transition to GA-4. A flexible and scalable solution: Google Analytics 4 is designed to provide fast results and power a deeper understanding of your customers. It is built to support the rapidly growing number of digital devices, channels and user journeys your customer can take. It allows the SEO Company or Affiliate to measure the customer’s entire user experience including web, app, and voice interactions — even across multiple devices. It’s able to help Resellers understand customer activity in real time and make data-driven decisions at any given moment with less cost.

If you are looking for a cross-platform measurement solution that enables both big and small businesses handle every business complexity Google analytics is an apt choice for clients’ businesses. Google Analytics 4 is the only platform that measures across both web and mobile devices. It’s flexible and powerful — giving resellers and their clients the insight needed to optimize digital presence across screens.

What is New and Improved in Google Analytics 4?

Google analytics 4 is an improvement of the previous version. It features a new design and new features.
In this section, we will discuss the new features of Google analytics 4 that can help SEO resellers and affiliates make smarter decisions and get better ROI.

Smarter insights

The new Google Analytics is not only about having better insights. It is about getting smarter insights. It can automatically alert resellers and SEO companies to significant data trends like products seeing rising demand because of a change in marketing strategy or a shift in customer demographics.

This system takes into account all of your customer data and provides you with personalized recommendations. What’s more, it even helps resellers anticipate future actions your customers may take. For example, it calculates churn probability so you can take action in time to prevent it from happening.

Predictive analytics is a powerful tool that helps businesses make better decisions. It not only predicts future events, but it also helps you decide which marketing strategies to use and how much money to spend on them.

Customer-centric measurement

Google Analytics 4 has introduced a new way to understand how customers interact with your business and your clients’ businesses. They have done so by using multiple identity spaces, including marketer-provided User IDs and unique Google signals from users opted into ads personalization.

SEO resellers and affiliates can use this customer data in order to better understand your clients’ customers when they go through the whole process of interacting with the company, starting from acquisition to conversion. You’ll get a better understanding of your customers across their entire lifecycle and be able to create a better experience for them.

Smarter analytics for improved digital marketing

Google Analytics 4 brings a new level of control to resellers. You can now set up more granular controls for ads personalization, which let you choose when to use data to optimize your clients’ ads and when to limit data usage.

This is a major change in the way that Google Analytics has been functioning for the past few years. This new feature gives resellers more control over how to use data and how much of it can be shared with Google in order to optimize your clients’ ads.

How to Set Up Google Analytics 4

To set up, you need to get Editor privileges from your clients in Google Analytics. If your client has never used Google Analytics before, just have them sign up, create an account, and set up GA 4 property. If your client already has an existing analytics account, you will need to add GA 4 property by clicking GA4 Setup Assistant. Your clients’ existing analytics property will continue to collect data alongside the new GA4 property.

In the setup assistant of GA 4 you can update your clients’ property settings to complete the configuration. After setting up and sufficient data is collected, you can start looking at the improved Realtime report.

Moving to the new version of Google Analytics

GA4 is now the default experience for new properties. If you or your client are not quite ready to let go of the existing Analytics setup, make sure you create a Google Analytics 4 property now. This will help you ease into the transition as you start gathering data and keep using your current implementation, while enjoying the latest updates.

All standard Analytics properties will stop processing new hits on the 1st of July 2023, while 360 Analytics properties will stop processing on the 1st of October 2023. After these dates, you and your client have six more months to access your Universal Analytics data.

Conclusion and Wrap-Up

Google Analytics 4 is the next generation of Analytics. It provides a more intuitive user interface allowing for better decision-making to improve ROI. It is now the default experience for new properties and will be phased in over time to existing properties.

It is designed to help SEO resellers and affiliates achieve key business objectives for their clients, including generating leads or connecting with customers online and offline. This powerful tool provides insights into your clients’ website traffic, engagement, and conversion rates. So if you haven’t started setting this up yet for your clients, now is the time to start the transition.

If you need help figuring out Analytics or setting up Google Analytics 4 for your clients, contacts us today.