The Right Content For Search Engines2 min read

The Right Content For Search Engines

Search engines, like Google and Bing, don’t buy your products or services. People do. Unfortunately, all too often, content is reworking to meet the standards of search engines, rather than the target audience. Hate to break this to you, but that’s not how things are done any longer. Search engines are much more intuitive and really don’t require you to think too hard about cultivating SEO to meet their requirements.

Write engaging sales/marketing copy

Obviously, your audience will be the ones purchasing your goods and services, not search engines. So, why on earth would you neglect engaging sales or marketing content on your website? For this, you’ll want to utilize a professional firm or individual if you’re unfamiliar with SEO marketing strategies. A call to action is a common marketing technique used on websites and in blogs.

Create content for real people, not search engines

When using landing page, blog or whatever type of copy to optimize your website, it’s important to write this copy for real people. Blog content, for instance, is going to need to be geared toward the audience you intend to target; otherwise, you’re just writing to fill space. You should never do this. It’s a waste of time and valuable resources. For SEO content, consider copy that is informative, relatable and easy to understand. Using too much SEO technical jargon will read more like analytical thesis than marketing or blog copy.

Bottom line: Write content for real people and weave in your marketing copy. Think of keywords and work them in where possible. People first. Search engines follow.

Always keep SEO in mind

While creating copy that engages your reader is important, don’t forget the SEO strategies that will garner an increase in visitors. Stay mindful of keywords used, meta tags, website organization, functionality, etc. that all work together to create a seamless and optimal user experience.

How can help?

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