Is SEO maintenance really necessary?2 min read

The short answer is, yes. 100%.

These tasks are required to maintain search engine ranking and generate leads, based on understanding of the Google search algorithm. Content in the form of videos, text, or photos, syndicated within a blog and social media accounts, is vital to a search engine’s understanding of your content as it relates to your website. Doing so also gives our outbound campaigns more validity when users research your company and find references, reviews, etc. Websites that regularly update their content tend to rank higher in search results. Around 47% of marketers say they publish content at least weekly for better SEO performance.

This is crucial in determining how relevant your website is to the keyword searches that potential customers are running. By putting out new and resourceful content for your user-base, you continually prove that your web site provides the best user experience when individuals search for your keywords / topics. By analyzing the progress in the form of search engine ranking and Google Analytics traffic, you can augment your digital presence to produce the type and volume of users (customers) you desire.

Rather than focusing on an arbitrary list of assumed keywords, we are responsive and look at analytics and 3rd party tools to determine what’s working best. Generally, we are focusing on 3-4 topics (each of which may contain variations of a keyword phrase or what is commonly called a “keyword silo”) at any given time. We focus on whatever will produce the highest return, whereas our “master list” from which we’re tracking keyword rankings as indicators a potential traffic increase/decrease, may contain 100-150 phrases. We look at content as a “series” of cohesive content, and the email marketing, social media, paid ads, and web site content are all syndicating that unified message. Part of the onboarding and set process is finding the right target market and the ongoing process involves determining how successful the content series is with the market.