Your Local SEO Campaign2 min read

Your Local SEO Campaign

Having a strong local SEO campaign is vital for the success of your small business longevity. As such, there are several vital (and free) tools you can utilize today to get your local business noticed.

Facebook for local SEO

Social media, in general, is good for an ad campaign, but Facebook allows you to make the most detail. With this social space, you can create a page, customize it for your audience (and to your liking), create shareable posts and give your customers a call to action. With over a billion active users, who likely spend way too much time on the site, your small business is sure to be noticed.

Yelp for local SEO

If you haven’t heard of Yelp, you’ve likely been living under a rock. The site allows consumers to review and rate your business. That means the spotlight is on you and sometimes, it can be harsh. However, despite the risk of receiving bad reviews, Yelp can be very useful in helping establish a business, but it may not be good for a startup. For startups, one bad review could be the beginning of the end and can drive away all possible customers. While as a business owner, you want customers to be honest, you hope they’re providing quality and constructive feedback you can use for improvement. Though, no matter how hard you try, you may always get that one nit-picky customer who leaves one star because of one minor flaw.

Bing Places for Business for local SEO

At this point, there’s no stopping Google as the number one search engine. However, Bing is the second most-used search engine and can be a real asset for small business owners looking to ramp up local SEO. Despite this, it still only accounts for about 12 percent of searches. Less people can be a good thing, too. With less competition the chances of your business being noticed increase.

Apple Maps for local SEO

Google is to searches, as Apple is to phones: millions of people use them and consider them superior to competitors. As such, the maps feature can be useful for your business. When a customer is looking for a local eatery and your restaurant is close by according to the map, you’ve just earned a new customer. Another great feature of Apple Maps is consumers can connect their social media accounts, so others can see where they are. And, guess what? You’ve likely got more potential customers frequenting your spot.

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