The Art And Science Of Generating Leads2 min read

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Successful lead generation follows the funnel approach. A large group of prospects, some of which may be total strangers to your website, product or service are processed through your marketing funnel.	 The Art And Science Of Generating Leads

Lead generation is generally the second step; it takes place after you’ve identified your target. On the other side of that funnel you will have clients that are genuinely interested in your offer. It’s these clients that will convert to paying customers.

The types of leads you are able generate will be a direct representation of the quality and method of your campaign.

At SEO Leads, we believe in quality interactions, as it makes much more sense to have 1,000 engaged and paying customers versus 10,000 casual visitors. It’s for this reason that we feel lead generation is both an art and a science.

The Science of Lead Generation

We begin with science because these are the fundamental principles on which we will build your lead generation process.

A total package for lead generation consists of social media campaigning, SEO driven content, as well as technical elements that are evident throughout your business model.

Technical design will be used in the structuring of your website and its content. Each component will play an important role in improving your website’s score and increasing the quality of leads generated.

The Art of Lead Generation

The art of generating leads has a two-pronged approach.

The first approach is design and branding. Every aspect of your marketing campaign including logos, promotions, emails, social media cues and calls to action should follow a consistent approach. It’s this presence that your audience will become familiar with and make the connection with your company.

Art also has a technical side. It’s important to note that the timing, frequency and duration of your campaign can be crucial to its success. The best lead generation can fail due to an overly aggressive strategy. And the most interesting approach can quickly become dull if it doesn’t evolve to adapt to current market strategies and trends.

The art of lead generation provides the balance that customizes the science. It’s only through treating each client like your client that you will be able to convert them.

Converting New Leads

It’s not enough to simply generate leads. The whole purpose in acquiring a lead is to officially convert them into a client.

Once a lead is officially recognized, it will give you insight into the best method of conversion. An effective strategy will depend on how you acquired the lead and the personal information you were able to obtain in the process.

By applying our art and science methods to your marketing campaign, we are able to increase leads and the amount of conversions. And it’s these conversions that will take your business to the next level.

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