Using Social Media The Right Way3 min read

A Powerful Tool

Using social media as a marketing tool is powerful – but only when done right.	 Using Social Media The Right Way

Social media is everywhere and when you’re on the outside looking in, you get the impression that all you have to do is get a bunch of followers and promote your messages. While having an audience is important, there are other points to keep in mind in order to have an effective social media marketing campaign. 

Quality over Quantity

This goes for your followers and your content.

It’s much better to have 100 followers that are truly interested in your brand, by sharing your content and actually becoming customers, than it is to have 100,000 with no real connection.

This cycle is affected by the quality of your content. Each social media channel has a line that can be crossed in terms of “too much.” While it may be okay to send multiple Tweets per day – posting on your Facebook’s timeline that often will be overkill.

This balance of quality over quantity will ensure that you attract genuine connections, and they are the ones that count.

Listening and Adding Value

Just like in the real world, genuine conversations are a listening game. This holds true for social media. Paying attention to conversations and monitoring the direction of the crowd will better position you to add value.

Businesses often make the mistake of simply blasting their promotions without gauging the conversation. Constantly plugging your brand without monitoring the flow of what’s trending will make you stand out – in a bad way. This will diminish your marketing efforts, and your followers will eventually just ignore you.

Find The Influencers

Every industry has a few influencers. These are the well-known individuals or organizations that are perceived as authorities in your field. Find out who they are, and when you do, follow them.

Making friends with these experts can only help your position. Again, add value to this relationship, in a genuine way. Share their content and leave meaningful comments. This will ensure that the relationship mutually benefits both sides, and eventually they’ll do the same

The Power of Compounding

You may feel like your business doesn’t really need a Twitter account or that Facebook is over-rated. The fact is each social media channel, however small it may be, will compound towards the overall influence of your campaign.

While your business may not consider Twitter a priority – your potential customers might – and those customers more than likely have other social media accounts.

Social media is a chain, with each outlet being a link. By leveraging each available option, you are using the power of compounding.

Balance & Patience

The power of social media lies in the balance, and SEO Leads can find it for your business and industry. Once that balance is achieved, it takes patience because it’s only a matter of time before you’re successful.

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