4 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media2 min read

Should You Use Instagram?

It’s not a secret that businesses should utilize social media. Many use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, but often forget about others. One of those that slips through the cracks for some businesses is Instagram. There are several ways that Instagram can drive and change most businesses very quickly.

4 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media


1. Visuals are key

Everybody posts content on there social media. Many of us scroll past all that text and land on a video or picture. Using pictures along with catchy headings and titles will allow you to gain the consumer’s full attention before you hit them with all the facts and numbers that are involved with your business.

2. Instagram Engages the consumer

Facebook is the king of social media because there are so many people with an account. Everybody has an account from your grandma to your thirteen year old son. The business world is different and that’s why Instagram is a very valuable tool. Instagram users are more likely to see their content shared. That means as a business owner your new marketing campaign is going to be passed around at an alarming rate.

3. Creativity

Just because your business is on social media website doesn’t mean you have to follow all the trends that all the other companies imploring. Instagram allows you to have a visual identity. Whether your business wants to show off their employees, their new great idea, or their new location the consumer is ready to make connections with the business. Don’t underestimate who pictures stick in the customer’s mind. The best thing to remember is that there is no right or wrong answer in this situation. Instagram posts can be as involved or as simple as you want. It’s all about how much you want to give the consumer and how much you want to use to keep them guessing.

4. Inside Information

Customers always want to feel valued and important. They also want to feel special and that’s where Instagram can come into play. Companies can show off their new products, take online consumers on virtual tours or even give them one on one experience with the owners if they want. Holding contests or giving away limited offers is another way to bring attention and set themselves above the competition. Again, remember that these people will be associating your business with that they see. So make sure all video and pictures look sharp and contain tasteful focused images.

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