3 Principles for Website Development2 min read

3 Principles for Website Development 

3 Principles for Website Development

When developing anything it is important to understand who you are appealing to. The only constant in this world is change. When developing websites the company should never remain the same or stick to what they have done in the past. Each project should be treated individually so it gets the exact attention it needs to function properly. There are a number of ways sites may be analyzed to make sure the product will succeed.

1. Map Things Out

Structure is key to any successful projects. Take a look at architecture. You have to have a blueprint before ground is broken. The same can be said for a website. The creators must have a clear plan. Brainstorming is great, but it needs to be followed with organization. You don’t want a bunch of ideas spread out on a page. Navigation will be difficult, the site falls back in SEO hits, and can be deemed as unreliable in the public eye. Some important things to do is welcome alternative points of view. Everybody has ideas and hearing all of them may give you something that sets you apart from the rest. Also make sure there is a backup plan. Although there is a blueprint, things are bound to take an unexpected turn. Be flexible and ready to execute.

2.Quality Content

Content is the most vital part of the site. This is the bread and butter of the vision. It needs to be watched closely. Sites can have many layers and end up being very large projects. That’s why organization is so important. It needs to be well layer out out from the written instruction to the content creation and then optimization. Each has its own importance and if one suffers it can drag everything else down. It does nobody any good to have a great product, but then having it struggle in the optimization stage. It can be one of the best things out there, but if it isn’t fitted and formatted correctly for the web, then it might as well not even exist.

3. Revision Is Key

No matter how well the planning stages went there are bound to be issues. It doesn’t have anything to do with the employees. It’s just a matter of being human. That’s why it’s necessary to make sure deadlines are met and the proper time in given to revise the site. Each team should have the opportunity to go back through and fix glitches. Then it should be looked at by another individual overseeing the whole site to ensure quality control as a whole. So much time is being put into it already, why not make sure it’s right. That way when Web analytics are applied they can make sure the site is ready to roll and hits on all cylinders when hitting the web and social media outlets.

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