3 Tips For SEO Use On Twitter2 min read

3 Tips For SEO Use On Twitter

3 Tips For SEO Use On Twitter

The Twitter landscape holds a lot of gravity in social media. There is a lot of useful information out there, but a lot of garbage as well. It’s important to make sure that your business ends up on the positive side of that. There are several tips to make sure that your business capitalizes on SEO via Twitter instead of simply falling through the cracks.

1. Optimize Your Profile

Consistency is so important for any business. It allows customers to make connections. It creates brand recognition and repetition. Twitter should be no different. In fact, your Twitter handle should be consistent throughout all social media outlets. This allows you to post through multiple outlets quickly. It also allows users to see you over and over. When you stay relevant in their minds, then they are more likely to check you out. More visits mean more shares, likes, favorites, retweets, and most importantly, more potential business. Another important note is picking a handle you won’t continuously change. People may pass you by because they don’t recognize you.

2. No Missing Links

Your Twitter bio is a very important place. It shows your handle, photo, and your ability to introduce yourself to the masses. It also allows you to externally link to other outlets. It could be other social media services or blogs. It’s vital to include your business website. Users will recognize you and want to see a professional link. It’s also important to link that website back to your Twitter. Nothing wrong with a little double-dipping. Its encouraged in this situation. This can be done with links or buttons on your website to give the consumer the ability to flip back and forth easily for any information they may need to access between the two sites.

3. Retweeting Drives Business

Think of the retweet as double business. Whoever views your article, blog, or general tweet as the potential to spread it like wildfire. They can share it with their followers and before you know it there isn’t just two eyes on your content, but thousands. That being said, it’s vital that you watch what you say. It’s important to personalize your Twitter page, but keep things professional. Retweet in can drive business, but it can also kill it with the click of a button. Quoting and retweet in can allow others to mention your page or tag other interested viewers to immediately catch their attention.

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