4 Social Media Marketing Do’s2 min read

Market Effectively

4 Social Media Marketing Do’s



Social media can be a wide and confusing landscape. There are a number of ways to market a company effectively. There’s not just one way to skin a cat. In the same respect there are several things that should be avoided to protect all individuals and the company as a whole. Below are four things to remember to do when using social media marketing.

Positive Brand Representation

Not everybody is created equally when it comes to representing the company. Pictures, posts, and blogs should be well articulated and focused under the guidelines and vision of the company. Just because Jim from accounting has the time to manage the social media account doesn’t mean he should, especially when he is known for having a loose tongue and makes a lot of controversial statements. Don’t scare the customer away. Let them be drawn in by the company’s standard for excellence.

Explore Your Innovation

This shouldn’t mean you’re reinventing the wheel. Most ideas are out there already, but they are tweaked to focus on that company’s specific goals. Trends should be studied and a strategy should be formed for what should be put together on the social media front. Keeping a framework to model after allows the the creative members of the team to understand what they can do step outside the box.

Stay Interactive With Social Media Marketing

Being interactive is one of the biggest keys in social media marketing. Communication between companies and their customers is a must. Much like brand representation, interaction must be tasteful and centered around company values. Engaging consumers in conversations, forums, blogs and gaining feedback on videos and images also helps drive business. Making the customer feel like they are always connected to the company with a click of a button is something that can’t be knocked.

Have Purpose

Everything that is posted on social media should have a purpose. It seems like an elementary idea, however it needs to be stated. You don’t want to have a page that potential clients just browse through without really looking. Don’t be boring and mundane. A mixture of different content can draw customers in. Pictures and videos allow for people to be drawn to the page. Headlines and intriguing posts can make them want to click and read. Everything must flow together. Nothing should be posted on these outlets that makes the consumer question why it is there. It can leave the customer unsatisfied and confused. It can reflect negatively on the organization and overall outlook of the company.

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