Small Business SEO Helps Tackle New Challenges3 min read

Small Business Challenges

Small businesses everywhere are feeling the impact of the COVID virus. There is so much uncertainty, and due to financial challenges, many business owners are closing their doors. 

SEO For Small Business

SEO For Small Business

Which Small Businesses Are Suffering?

Small to medium-sized businesses have had to shut down permanantely in the last few months. The industries that seem to be suffering the most are personal business restaurants, cafes, grooming, fitness, and other personal services.

Small business owners have had to close their doors to comply with government orders. These executive orders have, unfortunately, hurt many businesses.

Lack of client demand during financially challenging times affects small businesses more than any other. Even if a small business has been able to stay open, they have still faced challenges in accessing capital and seeing customers.

Small Business Owners Spread Thin

Small business owners are also struggling with much more going on at home. With COVID-19 shutting down schools, there is a lot more happening in the home, which means business owners are spread thin.

Many business owners are also parents, and with children in quarantine, they feel burned out, having to home school, care for their family full time, and try to run their business.  This has affected their ability to focus on their work at a time when it is more important than ever. 

Female business owners who often have more responsibility in the home, find these times more challenging than their male counterparts. According to a Facebook survey, female-led businesses are more likely (7 percentage points higher) to be closed compared to male-led ones, and are significantly more likely to be concentrated in the sectors most affected by restrictions on business.

How Can The Internet Help Small Businesses?

During these unprecedented times, the best way for a small business to survive is to get online. 

We are seeing many businesses that never had an online presence get online for the first time. It is the primary way of doing business now for so many. It is a lifeline to stay afloat during the CORONA virus.

Platforms like Facebook and Google are creating new ways for small businesses to connect with their customers. And Instagram launched different helpful options like food delivery and gift card stickers as well as support small business stickers to add to posts.  

SEO For Small Business

There is a reason why small business owners are turning to the internet to keep their businesses afloat. Consumers are forced to turn to the web to buy products and search for services while staying at home. An SEO marketing plan will help your business continue to compete during these unprecedented times.

Managing your web presence is critical. It is important, especially for small local business owners. SEO can ensure that your customers in your area have an easy way to find you online.


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