4 Simple Ways to Improve Web Design2 min read

4 Simple Ways To Improve Web Design

There are millions of Web pages out there that represent companies all across the globe. It’s pretty difficult to be original nowadays. That doesn’t mean that a business has to fall in line and be just like everyone else. There are several simple solutions that you can use to drive traffic and create a quality site.

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  1. Declutter

Chances are there is a lot that goes into your business. Unfortunately too many web pages are jam packed with information that overloads the potential customer. It’s important to lay out a vision of what the site layout should look like and what should be covered on it. When too many people and their ideas are involved, the site can look messy and unorganized. This can be a major turn off to customers. If they see clutter then they will assume the company is just as disorganized.

  1. Rainbows Aren’t Always Beautiful

Color can add pop to a website. It can draw attention to important titles and links on the page. It’s important not to overdue it. Customers don’t want their retinas burned out by an overflow of every single color you can think of. Color and background layouts should be strategic. It’s important to make sure that links and site categories don’t get lost or blended in because of an irregular background. It sounds simple, but there are many sites out there that overdue it, or don’t put enough effort into color quality.

  1. Make Fonts A Priority

Fonts are just as important as the information they portray on the site. If the fonts are difficult to make out then it’s going to be frustrating for the consumer. Keep it simple. Going out on a limb and trying creative fonts can end up looking messy and can overlap content. It’s also important to view material on both mobile devices and computers. Some material can be fine on one device and appear stretched on another. Taking time to double check content can end up saving a full website revamp later.

  1. Logo Quality

In many respects this is the bread and butter of your site. Chances are you’ve spent a lot of money or time developing the perfect logo. Once it is ready it should be tested to make sure that the resolution is where you want with big and small images of the logo. It’s also important to be strategic with logo placement. Yes, you want to be remembered, but the logo should be in similar spots on all site pages. Logo links back to the homepage can be a quick navigation tool that visitors will find useful and very handy.

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