3 Areas of Content That Will Help Local SEO2 min read

3 Areas of Content That Will Help Local SEO

It seems like a lot of work when you build local SEO pages and landing pages. That is because it is a lot of work. Sometimes companies have to sacrifice their time and efforts around the most powerful and meaningful tools they can to help. It is useful and vital to the growth of your business. The good news is that you don’t have to stumble around hoping you end up doing the right thing. There are several content areas that can boost local SEO if you focus in on them properly.

Build Specific Landing Pages

Whether your business is a single local or your have multiple establishments, it is crucial that you make landing pages for each. If you don’t do this you might run the risk of confusing your user. This may take them to the wrong location or offer them services you may not be doing at all locations. This may give an inaccurate impression of your business. Make sure to build these pages to funnel your customers to the spot they desire easily and efficiently.

Create FAQ Pages

These pages can be the most effective and efficient ways for customers to come and find information. They can be one stop hubs for gathering information about your business. Many times these pop up first through google searches. People aren’t always looking for long articles or content that give them information. They want small snippets of what they are looking for. Creating lists in numbered order is a good way to let customers follow steps and order in your company’s process.

Broader Landing Pages

Sometimes you need landing pages that focus on state and regional level. This can because of the size of your company, or the fact that you may not have the time or ability to create landing pages for each and every local you have. The key is that you need to be able to understand your customer and their tendencies. These landing pages have proven to increase organic traffic as well as the company’s ability to convert.

How can SEOleads.io help to build local SEO?

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