4 Myths About SEO Marketing You Need to Know2 min read

In the realm of SEO marketing, things are constantly in flux. Some strategies become obsolete when new strategies are introduced, so it’s important to stay abreast of the changes. And just as important as staying on top of new innovations, is knowing the myths that have been circulating since online marketing’s inception. You don’t want to make the mistake of following a misconception. It only serves to waste time and money.

4 Myths About SEO Marketing You Need to Know

Here are four myths you need to watch out for with SEO marketing.

Myth 1: Your rankings are helped by metatags

While at one time this was true, it’s not anymore. In fact, metatags aren’t even indexed by Google or Bing. But that doesn’t mean you need to ignore them completely. They still serve a purpose in forming the text that is displayed along with your link in the search results. Creating a more compelling description will entice more users to click on your listing over others.

Myth 2: The more inbound links you use, the better

Some people still believe this, but it is completely false. Quality over quantity is what matters to search engines in this day and age. According to Inc.com, “Gone are the days of having thousands of superlow-quality links driving up rankings; in fact, creating those links can look spammy and get your site penalized.” Nowadays, you need to focus on obtaining links that are relevant to your product, brand, service, etc.

Myth 3: Keyword-rich domain names are preferred

In the past, search engines like Google used to put an emphasis on domain names that contained keywords as a way to help with rankings. However, now, sites that do utilize keywords in their URLs sometimes happen to rank in the top five for searches, but not because they contain keywords.

Myth 4: Tricking Google is what makes good SEO marketing

When did “trickery” ever work? Trying to take shortcuts or find loopholes to get better rankings has never worked and will never work. “Good” SEO is about providing relevant information, unique content and a great user experience. Sharing content is also a means of driving organic clicks and views.

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