COVID And The Impact On Small Business3 min read

COVID 19 has had an enormous effect on all types of businesses, but no one has felt the devastating impact more than small business owners. 

The smaller the business, the harder the hit with companies with less than 20 employees seeing the biggest effect.

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Which Businesses Have Suffered The Most?

The small business owners impacted the most by COVID-19 are hospitality, retail, and personal services. Hair salons, spas, and even medical offices have found it nearly impossible to operate due to the virus. Retail that relied on in-store traffic has also suffered and have had to find ways to still sell their products to consumers. 

These small businesses typically have small staffs and lack cash flow and capital. To survive, many have had to reduce employee hours or lay off their employees just to stay afloat.

“Those businesses had a challenge, and will experience the most extreme negative impact,” said Laurie McCabe, SMB’s co-founder, and partner. “They had to learn how to serve customers in the new stay-at-home environment.”

Doing Business In Different Ways

Is this the new normal? Many say yes, and for small businesses to survive, they will have to do things in dfferently. Retailers and other hands-on services will have to figure out ways to continue going forward without seeing customers and clients face to face. 

For some small businesses, meetings between staff, management, and even clients, will continue to be done virtually.  Many companies have turned to video conferencing and conference calls to conduct meetings. This new technology practice has worked well for them.

How Your Business Can Recover

If your small business is not online, it will now have to be. Investing and upgrading in technology such as computer hardware, business software, and telecommunication equipment is critical. 

Small businesses will have to get creative and focus on how they can take advantage of online opportunities. An effective website and SEO marketing plan along with a social media presence will be very important.

Small Business SEO

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How SEO Can Help Small Business Owners

A small business owner with an effective website can see gains in their business with a great search engine marketing plan in place.

Search engine marketing can help ensure your business website gets seen in a heavy marketplace. SEO works by increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.  Working on your web pages using SEO strategies will help improve your rankings on search engines. 

Geo targeted plans are ideal for small local businesses. It targets your local customers so that they can easily find you.

Why SEO Leads

If you are a small business owner seeing a negative effect from COVID, we can help. We create individualized marketing plans to fit your busines. Our SEO plans include continuous work on your website along with social media. 

We believe in accountability and trackable growth. We do not require long-term contracts. Our founder previously ran one of the largest SEO companies in the country. Our holistic approach to each client’s campaign ensures that your online presence is always growing.

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