In the ever-increasing digitalized world it is essential for your service or business to have a strong web presence. If nobody can find your information on the internet, it’s impossible to make sales or to be heard. A consistently updated blog helps your website to consistently be near the top of search engine rankings.

Regular blogging might seem like a difficult task or intimidating, but here are six reasons why blogging keeps your website at the top of searches and delivers a flourishing web presence.

1. Blogging keeps your website up to date

Nobody trusts a website that hasn’t been updated for months or even years. Search engines don’t either. If you aren’t adding content to your current website it becomes easy to be ignored. Search engines, like people, look for fresh and interesting content. A blog that is updated regularly not only adds new content, but also targets a specific audience which is great for search engine optimization or SEO.

2. A blog targets specific traffic

Your website is a space to make connections. Be it a product you’re selling, information, news, or knowledge, you want your website to attract people that are interested in what you have to share. Nothing does this better than a current and up-to-date blog. Keep your blog topics specific with your passionate audience in mind.

If you have multiple services or a number of products, use each blog post to target different audiences each time. That way you are casting a broad net over all your potential customers.

3. Blog posts are social media friendly

Ever come across something great on the web and couldn’t wait to share it with your family and friends and family on your social media platforms? Blogs are a great place to attract this sort of social media attention as their content is often very specific and geared towards reaching a niche and passionate market. Every time one of your blogs is shared via social media you are reaching thousands of people who might never have come across your website otherwise. Plus, in terms of SEO, social media presence and clicks play a huge role in these search engine algorithms.

4. Blog titles are important

So you’ve started your blog. That’s great! But don’t limit yourself and potential web traffic by using generic titles for your posts. Titles are the first thing readers see, and if it’s generic and boring they will move on before they even reach your content.

Also, keep SEO in mind when you create blog titles. Titles are a great place to utilize keyword placement. Like readers, search engines scan your titles first, so make sure they are rich with keywords core to your service or business.

5. Keep your SEO and keywords up-to-date

As your business or service grows, over time you will make changes. Important topics and themes to you now might not be the same in the future. So when your business does make changes it is important that your keywords reflect that. Go back to your older blog posts to make sure your new and important keywords are reflected in your older posts. They don’t need to be completely rewritten, just change keywords where needed to make sure your website is continually search engine optimized.

6. Add Images and Videos

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Nothing grabs the attention of a potential client or customer like a great image or an intriguing video. Strategically place images and videos to highlight important parts of your business or service. Plus, images and videos shared via social media are much more likely to get clicks and drive traffic to your website. When you tag these images and videos remember to use your keywords to drive your SEO.

Blogs are an easy and fun way to keep your business or service relevant in the digital marketplace. Plus, they play a key role in increasing your website’s search engine rankings. They’ll help you keep your website up to date and allow you to interact with your customer base. Start a blog today and watch your website climb the rankings.

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