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Essential businesses have been encouraged to stay open through the COVID-19 shutdown, allowing people everywhere to get essential items and services they need to survive. This makes essential businesses more important than ever. 

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We know that even if you are an essential business owner, during this unprecedented time, you still feel vulnerable. 

So what can you do to ensure you stay connected to customers and continue to promote and grow your business? 

Stay Connected Online

Even if you own a brick and mortar business and are continuing to see customers every day, you still want to connect with them digitally. With more people than ever staying home, connecting with them online is critical to the success of your business. 

The online world is full of many different platforms and tools that can be used to stay connected.

Besides apps to hold meetings with your employees like Zoom or Slack, social media platforms, and keeping your website up-to-date with current information is still the best way to connect with your customer base. Regular blog articles, new products, changes in business hours, you name it. They are all great ways to keep people current with your business and feeling personally connected.

Search Engine Optimization

Nothing will get your business quicker results during COVID than SEO. Digital marketing and a great content strategy will allow you to reach more customers than ever right now. People are being forced to engage with brands and businesses online and you need to be prepared.

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Why Is SEO Is Ideal During A Pandemic?

Customers are being forced to take their business online. With so much uncertainty and fear, they are shifting much of their buying activity to what they can do online. Even if you own a brick and mortar, what you can offer online to meet their needs in products and information will be critical. 

With search engine optimization services, you can be sure that your customers will be able to find your business website easily.

What Do You Get With SEO?

  • Online Strategy

With the help of SEO experts, you will get a digital marketing plan that will ensure your essential business continues to improve no matter what is happening in the world. A strategy will include ways to improve your website and ensure you can be found easily in Google searches.

  • Targeted Content For Your Customers

Regularly uploaded content in the form of articles and blogs is the best way to not only get attention from search engines but can help your customers feel personally connected to you. It will also allow you to provide them with helpful information along with any new news that may be happening to your business.

  • Updated Website

You might be surprised how outdated your website is. With SEO services, you can get your website graded, which will help you understand where it needs improvement. A well functioning website will not only attract new customers but keep your current customers on your website longer. 

  • Connection To Your Customers 

Sure social media is a great way to connect to your customers personally. But having your own website where they can connect to you and ask questions allows them to be fully engaged with your business without a bunch of other distractions. Also, keeping your website updated makes them feel like you care.

  • Monitoring Business And Trends

The best thing about SEO is that you can monitor how many customers are visiting your business website, and how long they are staying. You can even find out things like what product they search for the most. Monitoring customer behaviour is a great way to continue to improve your business.

How We Can Help?

As essential businesses continue to serve customers during the pandemic, they need an SEO marketing plan that can keep up with the demand. At, we have years of experience helping small and big businesses improve their bottom line by ensuring they get the online presence they need. We believe in accountability and trackable growth and do not require long-term contracts.

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