What Is A Drip Campaign?2 min read

What is A Drip Campaign?

What is A Drip Campaign


There are so many ways to gain exposure and generate leads for new customers. There’s really no wrong way to do it as long as you are getting results. The modern day business must stay up with current trends in the business world and in the real world. Certain marketing strategies fall by the wayside while other infuse new life into those who are required to produce quality leads. New techniques like drip campaigns can be alternatives to traditional marketing.

A “drip campaign” are simply automated messages that are set with a specific set of content that are meant to gain leads. They usually come in email forms, but are not limited strictly to this. They can be involved in social media, but more likely to be involved in direct or private messages.


Set Up When Active

These messages make it possible to never lose touch with the clients. They can be arranged by what the client may do on your website, or simply by time ratios. This can be set up by when they are most active. This allows the marketer to direct those clients down the path of the company at the most convenient times for them to do business. This path can include videos, flyers, e-books, or other useful links. If they continue to open and click the material it gives them more information they may be interested in.

There’s limited trouble with this type of campaign. The marketer really isn’t involved. The automation is linking the customer and the information about the products or company. It’s up to them. It’s all dependent on whether they open up the email or message. If they continue to show interest or send everything to spam is at their discretion. There are some people who would like continuous follow ups from the marketer directly. That can be arranged through the automation as well if they’d like further information. The benefit of drip campaigns are that customers don’t feel pressured to make choices and decisions with someone breathing down their neck. They can get everything they need from the comfort of their own home. They can do all their homework on their own. Marketers don’t have to worry about cold calling or feeling like a pest to their potential customers.

Drip campaigns are becoming more popular. The convenience for the potential client and business set it apart from more traditional tools. As outlets grow this type of marketing may become even more popular or gain different layers. Only time will tell how involved this may become.

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