3 Benefits of Using SEO and PPC Together2 min read

3 Benefits of Using SEO and PPC Together

There are many different ways to utilize a marketing plan. Some people trust only a couple ways of doing things so that they can better execute them. In some cases combining a couple different methods may provide the most useful ways to target customers and grow your business. When speaking of SEO and PPC just think in terms of roots of the same tree. They may branch off in different directions, but they have the same goal of creating traffic. There are a few different ways this can be accomplished.

1. Social Media Influence

Ever notice how certain ads pop up on your Facebook feed that is different than another person’s page? Have you wondered why they seem to align with things you have recently searched or had a question about? SEO advertising could be the reason why. They combine to make a very precise and accurate targeted search for those in the mix for a specific service. The search doesn’t have to be vast or general. Let’s say a company wants to involve a younger demographic into their new brand of tractors in Ames, Iowa. It is possible to pinpoint the searches of Facebook searches by 18-21 year olds for tractors in that area. The same may be smaller, but it is more refined.

2. Enhance PPC Keywords With Search Data

PPC is designed to figure out which customers are using certain products. It’s all about finding out the search habits of the target audience. If you have the answers then a plan to execute sales and marketing gated toward those people offer up the best opportunity to create conversions. Taking the time to enable site searching on your website can allow the marketing team to better analyze the most frequently used terms and phrases by the target demographic.

3. Double Your Keyword Data

Running both SEO and PPC campaigns gives a variety of options. This allows conversion rates from SEO as well PPC to be displayed to allow the marketing team to decide which one gives them the best opportunity to lock in their desired market. This may seem like a little more work when having to feed back through all the results. Some marketing companies use this type of method for each and every campaign. That saves them the extra work at the end to get the other set of results. There’s no right or wrong way to do it as long as both sets of data are available. This way the biggest return is possible with all the data in plain sight.

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