3 Areas Where Links Mean More In SEO2 min read

How You Can Improve Your SEO

3 Areas Where Links Mean More In SEO

Links act like portals to all of the information we crave. They guide us in the right direction to all the information we could want on a given topic. That being said, not all links are good links. They are not created equal. It is important to learn how links can benefit businesses when considering SEO. A properly placed link can make all the difference in the world. 

1. Frequently Used Links

If I tell you that people are watching your searches and the content that is being viewed, it shouldn’t be a shocker. Google might be monitoring your moves through cyberspace. How else do they gather page traffic and data? The more cretin links are used, the more it can drive traffic from simply being a popular link, or it could pick up extra traffic from external ones indirectly. Nevertheless it shouldn’t matter whether Google is picking up how the links are placed or how they look it still creates the needed traffic.

2. More Visible Links

How you display these are incredibly important. Formatting can be something that many take for granted, but can end up make or breaking traffic. Don’t go overboard here. Putting out flashy fonts can be difficult to read and thus useless to the reader. People don’t want to strain or guess at what something says which means they are going to use the link. Making things visible and placed in the content appropriately are vital. Beware don’t be too obvious here. Placing it in an obnoxious size may send the reader running as well.

3. Content Links

These make sense to be valued more. When you think about it, the links are going to be more geared and focused on the information presented in the piece. They aren’t like navigation links that are more broad and may send the reader searching for something else. Google seems to put more behind these types of links because of their importance. It makes sense to place these links in content because often times they are passed over in footers. Some of that is to put on the reader for losing interest or not searching for them. However, it’s on the creator to know what works and where the readers are clicking. As we know doing your homework and research on your target audience first will allow you to make the best decision on link placement.

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