3 Helpful Ideas For Link Building With SEO2 min read

3 Helpful Ideas For Link Building With SEO

Link building practices have changed over time. It can be difficult for small business owners to understand whether they are link building in the best and most efficient way, or if they are using an old, out of date practice. There is one thing that is certain, nobody doing business wants to waste time. There are a few different ideas on link building that will end up saving time and money.

Value Your Links

It is important to figure out exactly what the value and ultimate potential the link will and can be. Will it bring value to the site? Will it create more views, clicks, and business? Does it hold its own and does it coincide with the content? This will be different for all of your content. There won’t be one or two rules to follow. Each link will be assessed differently and thus the value changes as well. There might be times where the value between links is difficult to separate. There might be a couple of good choices. In that case, you should assess if the better value is to pick between the two or use multiple links.

Revive Broken Links

A lot of work goes into fine tuning SEO, so if you can salvage time and use minimal effort it is worth bringing back some broken links. It is important to do this because if people continue to can directed to your site only to get error messages they aren’t going to trust anything else on the site. It is a good idea to make sure all the links match up with content and allow for viewers to guided toward the information they are searching for.

No Anchor or Hidden Text

Anchor text often looks suspicious and forced. It is much better if websites are linked to in a fashion that fits that site. It is important to make the link look as organic as possible. The more organic and real it seems the more Google is going to be satisfied with it. Hidden text is an old tactic that should be disposed of. It simply won’t work nowadays especially with the continued knowledge of Google. It is becoming more apparent that people don’t need to mess around with Google because it will come back on them in the long run. Using these outdated tricks could send your content and site tumbling down search pages.

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