3 Online Marketing SEO Changes For 20192 min read

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With another year in the books, it is time for companies to assess where they are in a number of important areas, and one of those areas should be online marketing. Success in SEO has always been focused on observing trends and fine-tuning your business to make for a better experience for you and your customer. There are a few key areas marketers and all business can look to improve their business in 2019 with these SEO changes.

User Intent Optimization

Nobody is saying that typing out keywords and making sure they align with your customers and your content will be useless, but it may be a thing of the past. With all the home assistance technology and voice-activated mechanisms, the user has the ability to clearly state exactly what they want. Voice searching will provide a different way to gather results. No longer does the user have to type in their thoughts and hope for a match. They clearly state what they want. The hope is to link with the exact results they stated. With this in mind, your business must factor this is when discussing calls to action, product influence how to manage your website.

Mobile Optimization

This is not a new concept, but there will be more important with it moving forward. Google is going to use mobile optimization first when ranking. That doesn’t mean customers that search from their home will be neglected it just means the mobile searches will move how the site will be ranked before the other forms are taken into account. As online marketers that means the business must put more time and work into developing and sustaining mobile success, Making sure that links, pages, and speed are performing without issue will cut down any issues with customer experience, and will likely end with a higher ranking and future business.

Increased Competition

While your business might be doing okay now, a new year brings new ideas and new concepts. That means what you were doing last year is a thing of the past. That reputation means nothing if you can’t deliver. You have to focus on creating a solid online marketing foundation for your business to flourish. If you try to skate on old ideas your competition will blow right past you. It is going to get crowded. You don’t want to be a business that stays above water. You want to stand out from the competition with new innovations. Make sure to focus on yourself and your competition will fall, inline.

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