3 Online Marketing Trends for 20192 min read

3 Online Marketing Trends for 2019

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You have to be able to stay ahead of the trends in business. Online marketing is a big piece of that. If your marketing falls through, then your business can suffer no matter how great of a product you have. If you fall behind or wait for others to create their online marketing schemes first, then you will likely see your returns and potential growth take a big hit. Focus on these online marketing trends in 2019.

Voice Search Marketing

One of the newest ways to complete tasks in your business or around the house is through voice interactions.  Whether it is advertising, marketing, or creating a better customer experience, it can all be made a little easier with voice searches. It can be easier to create custom platforms for your customers, or even allow them to place orders in an easier fashion via voice interactions with your business.

Video ADs Increase

Whether it is for better or worse, many people in this country obtain their news and leisure content through video. Many people would rather not read, but get visual stimulation. Just look at social media. Posts that are accompanied by videos are quickly retweeted and liked. This is an important thing to remember as you build online marketing campaigns. Using live-streams, customer reviews, how to videos, and question and answer sessions could be a great way to inform and engage your potential customers. It’s about making an impact on your target market. If they can visualize your company, your conversion rate will likely increase.

Build a Marketing Community

One of the biggest troubles companies have is to connect with and secure new clients. Creating a community allows your business to interact with customers, so you can foster loyalty and earn long-term customers. Plugging into social media platforms and creating community pages can allow you to control content and connect with your customers in one spot. In online communities, it’s about helping and informing the customer. Build the community and it will build your business.

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