Fostering Backlinks: What Are Some Best Practices?3 min read


One of the best ways to find your website on the top search engine results is to foster backlinks. It’s an organic way to funnel traffic to your website, and search engine algorithms take notice. But you don’t want a backlink from any random website that mentions your topic. Think about backlinks the way you used to think about sources when writing a paper in school. The stronger and more quality your backlink, the better it is for your SEO.

Use guest writers

Guest writers not only freshen up your website’s writing, but they also increase your chance of getting a backlink. Ask people from other successful websites and writers in your industry that you admire to write a guest blog for you. Not only will they appreciate the extra exposure, but they will also remember you in the future and maybe even reward you with a backlink.

The same goes for guest writing at other websites. If anyone ever asks you to write a guest blog, almost in all cases do it! This will bring you and your website more exposure and credibility in the digital marketplace. Once your name is out there as an expert in the field, other websites are more likely to backlink your content.


Take notes from your competitors

Don’t get mad if your competitors are getting more traffic than you. Their basic web design is available to look at, including their backlink strategy. If they are doing something different than you, take note. Implement similar backlinking strategy changes. What are they doing on social media to make connections and foster backlinks of their own? If you’re unsure what to do with your own strategy observe your most quality competitors. Try out some of the strategies they’re using.

Keep promoting

Before other websites will want to backlink you on a consistent basis, people are going to need to know who you are. What separates you from all the other companies out there? What sort of brand recognition do you have? If it takes you a while to answer these questions you need to make sure your company is being promoted. Are you utilizing social media? Do you have a great team that can reach out to the community? If not, think of a strategy that reaches out to other people in the industry. It’s only with recognition that others will find you reliable enough to backlink.  

Support other companies

It pays to be nice to each other. Look for companies that are connected to your product, but are not direct competitors. These are the sorts of relationships that are mutually beneficial. Does your company use another company’s product? If so, write a testimonial for them. Write something kind about them on one of your blogs. This goodwill often creates the mutually beneficial relationships you are looking for. If you openly support another company they will be much more willing to backlink you in the future.   

Maintain relationships with bloggers and journalists

There is nothing wrong with reaching out to trade bloggers and journalists. If you can’t find a direct email address, social media is a great alternative. If your company is doing something unique or cutting edge, they will want to hear about it. There is no need to be pushy (journalists and bloggers usually hate that), but just professionally tell them about what you are doing and see if they might be willing to write about your company. Not only does this give you more credibility with the public, but an interesting and popular story also brings the writer success too. Afterword, they will often remember you for backlinking.

In conclusion, fostering backlinks takes time and effort. It’s a process of endurance and takes plenty of patience. Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t receiving a lot of backlinks at the beginning. Instead, keep pushing your brand awareness and credibility using some of the tips listed above.