Build A Substantial SEO Campaign During COVID-193 min read

Many business owners have benefitted from running an SEO campaign, especially during an economic downturn.

COVID-19 has created a dramatic impact on consumer behavior. People all over the world have had to avoid in-person shopping in favor of the internet. 

In a recent survey, 1 in 3 consumers indicated that the coronavirus has changed their shopping behavior. 47.2% of US internet users polled last month said they are currently avoiding shopping centers and malls.

Those are big numbers.

No matter what type of business you own, an SEO campaign will ensure that your business will continue to compete online during these unprecedented times.

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Why Consider an SEO Campaign During Economic Downtimes?

  • Content Builds Confidence

During uncertain times, consumers are looking for businesses that they can trust.  With SEO-focused content, you have an opportunity to build on-going trust and keep consumer attention like never before.

Content that focuses on reassuring consumers about what is happening in the world while continuing  to promote what you have to offer with their best interes in mind will go a long way. 

Right now, people want to feel less alone and powerless.

  • Cost-Effective

Not only are consumers worried about their finances, but so are businesses. You are probably wondering if it’s smart to spend money on marketing during these uncertain times.

The best thing about SEO is that it is the most cost-effective strategy to maintain your business.

SEO campaigns are a low investment. Not only is it affordable, but it’s long term. SEO continues to run once it starts, which means you should see a return on your investment even farther down the road.

  • Timely Accurate Information

Managing your web presence is critical during uncertain times. Consumers reading outdated information can be confused and even hurt. It’s important that they know a business they use or are considering using, address what is happening in the world and are mindful. With COVID-19, it is critical that your reputation stays untarnished. 

The consistent SEO work on your business website will ensure that consumers are getting accurate, updated information about products, services, and how you are handling the pandemic.

Social media works in part with SEO and is a great place to quickly update consumers and get them to your business website. More people than ever search social media platforms first, to buy and research products. Keeping these up to date with an SEO plan will help more consumers get to your website. Your social media accounts being constantly updated will also play into the trust factor.

How Can We Help?

As online businesses continue to serve customers during the pandemic, they need an SEO marketing plan to keep up with the demand. At, we have years of experience helping small, and big businesses improve their bottom line by ensuring they get the online presence they need. We believe in accountability and trackable growth and do not require long-term contracts. 

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