3 Reasons SEO Is Important2 min read

3 Reasons SEO Is Important

There is more than one way to skin a cat. And there’s more than one way to build a business. Utilizing one of the most powerful tools, SEO, is a popular and effective measure. It is an investment in the company and it gives small business owners the ability to build toward the future. It’s wise to use a marketing mix and not put all of the eggs in the SEO basket, but it is a big reason in growth and development. 

1. Branching Out

Using SEO can lead to a firestorm of popularity. Let’s pretend you have a restaurant and you put together an article about the new menu items and it made the first page of the Google search. As a society we have been trained to get information quickly. Chances are the reader isn’t clicking past the first few results, especially when they’re hungry. They click the link read the story and decide to visit. Then they snap a couple pictures, check in at the location via Facebook and Twitter and post the link. Before you know it you have just multiplied the potential outreach by the number of friends and followers that person has. Proper linking and formatting via SEO can put customers in the seats without churning out hefty marketing campaigns.

2. Insight

If there’s anything businesses can’t get enough of it’s more information about their customers. They need to be up to date or trends of what they like and what they don’t like. SEO allows businesses to keep their fingers on the pulse of their potential clients. Logging what times the customers are most active, where they are and what keywords they are using let’s the business graph, chart, and forecast what is working and what needs to be changed. Having the ability to do these things is like having the knowledge of knowing what is going to be on the test. All the business has to do is execute. In other words, they just have to put forth quality content and the business will be in good hands.

3. User Experience

SEO grants the ability to give the user the fastest, easiest, and most hands on experience. The most important thing is converting these potential customers into real life customers. The first step is reaching out and staying relevant via SEO. Remember, the more satisfied and happy the customer is the more likely they are to keep coming back. 

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