3 Types of Transactional Emails2 min read

3 Types of Transactional Emails

3 Types of Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are communications between sender and recipient regarding some sort of transaction. These are also called “triggered” emails. Obviously some sort of action has to trigger or generate the response. Understanding the many types of emails in the marketing world can be difficult to keep up with. Sometimes it is better to see some examples of these emails to better understand what a transactional email looks like.

1. Account Creation Email

Think of this as a first impression email. As a marketer this is a great way to show that you are at the service of your client. Creating an account has become a common trend for many businesses nowadays. This allows an open line of communication between the two parties to keep them informed of their account as well as the latest updates in that business. There are a few things that the email is meant to do. First, it is meant to let the subscriber know that they are now active. Secondly, it lets them feel comfortable knowing that they now have a connection to the business and services provided. Lastly, it allows them to gain more information on what services are provided and what comes next. It’s wise send out contact information such as email, phone and fax numbers, or personal numbers so that the customer feels at home.

2. Password Reset Emails

You created your account, but you forgot your email. It happens to the best of us. This is an important tool in the marketing process. It allows the customer to keep or regain access to their information. Reseting or generating new passwords allows them to keep security around important information. It is important for the marketer to ensure that the links to these services are up to date and responding continuously. If not, it paints a bad picture. If they links are broken, how secure does the customer feel with their account and the service?

3. Purchase Receipts

Each and every purchase or transaction that is made must have a purchase receipt. The customer expects and is worthy of one. They also expect it immediately after their purchase or payment. This is custom whether people are buying concert tickets or paying bills. It lets them know that their payment was accepted and their part of the transaction was completed. When these emails are delayed or end up getting into spam folders it can really strain the relationship between customer and business. Being able to take care of the customer appropriately and in a timely fashion are the main objectives of transactional emails.  

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