3 SEO Mistakes Small Business Should Avoid2 min read

3 SEO Mistakes Small Business Should Avoid

SEO allows for businesses of all sizes to operate on a more even playing field. This tool can allow for small businesses to dominate their market and region. Like anything else, they must operate efficiently and minimize mistakes. There are a few key mistakes to avoid while trying to grow your small business via SEO.

Juggling Multiple Roles

It is good for employees to be versatile and able to manage multiple projects. However, with SEO there should be someone specifically in charge of developing and engaging traffic via SEO. It is too complicated for a designer, or manager to also give needed attention to SEO. It is not realistic to think that a comprehensive SEO plan can be developed and managed by someone that is also devoting their time elsewhere. SEO is a vital piece to the development and sustainability of your small business. Be sure to treat it that way.


Think of SEO as the framework of your site and ultimately your business plan. This foundation should be put into place prior to the launch of the website. If you procrastinate you are working on the fly and basically working backward. Content, page layout, links, keywords, and page mapping are key parts that play a massive role in the traffic and overall user experience. If you plan to wait to launch your SEO until after your site is up then you run the risk of creating some chaos for your business.

Buying SEO Packages

This is a big mistake. There is no substitute for hard work and creative, honest, and powerful content. This is what is going to generate authentic and repetitive traffic. Beware of anything that is offering you “guaranteed results” or “increased revenue.” Be smart about all of this. Any SEO professional knows that there are so many variables it isn’t going to be something you can just buy online and have it shipped to you. Effective SEO will be powered by hardworking, detail-oriented professionals that ensure that things are operating on all cylinders at all times.

How can SEOleads.io help?

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