3 Simple Ways To Increase Social Media Exposure2 min read

3 Simple Ways To Increase Social Media Exposure

3 Simple Ways To Increase Social Media Exposure


Social Media marketing doesn’t have to be a painful endeavor. Everyone is always looking for the next big innovation, but those don’t come around every day. Most of the time marketers are thinking of better was to stimulate the client and drive them to their content. There are a lot of simple solutions that many people take for granted that can really change the way consumers view your site.

  1. Visual Stimulation

This is one of the most important thing when trying to gain exposure. We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousands words. In today’s age that may be more obvious than ever. Social media outlets like Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram are almost all based off people’s pictures. Whether you’re using one of these outlets or a more tradition site you must have a picture that stimulates the viewer. It has to center around the article and make them want to read about the company. Also an undervalued tool is to create great headlines. Chong the right words that link the article to its keywords is very valuable especially in the word of SEO.

  1. Post! Post! Post!

It’s very true that there are specific times people should post to really drive their traffic. It’s pretty obvious 3 A.M. posts aren’t going to drive a lot of people to your article no matter how great it is. Posting the same article with different titles and pictures can spark the interest of different people. Never assume that everybody views, or has time to view your posts. Sorry they’re just not that into you. The fact of the matter, is that people view your content during times when they are free. It’s also important to comment and create conversation within the article. Remember on Facebook for example, when people are talking about your article or something you posted, it pops up at the top of other people’s pages. It’s just like being on the first page of a Google search. More eyes mean more exposure.

  1. Be Unique

Whatever your company is trying to push make sure it stands out. Headlines, pictures, and hashtags are valuable tools. You shouldn’t count on only one of these to be the centerpiece. Each should stand out and create chatter by themselves. Eye-popping pictures, catchy headlines, and hashtags that create conversation are simple additions that make the difference. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to get talked about.

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