3 Keyword Mistakes Using SEO2 min read

3 Keyword Mistakes Using SEO

SEO can be a fickle and complicated realm if you let it. You have the power to make things very simple and offer lots of traffic if you execute things correctly. Much of this starts with the keywords. There are a few mistakes that are routinely made. Making these quick and simple changes can provide a much more favorable outcome.

3 Keyword Mistakes Using SEO


1. Be Long-winded

Some people like to keep it short and sweet when it comes to their keywords, but that isn’t always the best thing. In competitive fields listen one word “heads” can leave you lost in the jumble of content. It is much better to go a little longer and a little more focused. Let’s say you’re writing a blog about health care. Instead of just using “health care” try to broaden it to what the article is about specifically. Instead, try “women’s cancer research” to underline what it informs the reader of. That way your can parlay that into several other avenues and drive rankings at the same time.

2. Use Normal Words

I know you aren’t making up your own words for these searches. It is very important to use words or phrases that people are going to search. For example, if you’re writing about “heating units” go ahead and call it a “furnace.” People are more likely to search with that one word than the other phrase. You have to understand the consumer and what is going to be the first thing that pops into their head. Misjudging this can be a huge blunder. The best thing to do is search for similar articles on your topic and see what words are being used most often. That can provide a better feel for the specific audiences lingo.

3. Proper Execution

We all know what happens when you assume…right? People change and so does your audience. It is vital to not grow complacent and stay status quo on keyword research. As the business grows so may the climate for what and whom you speak. Make sure to update things regularly so that the articles and business isn’t being shot blindly out into the universe. Remember to stay engaged with your audience and what they are saying because they dictate what you need to be doing. It doesn’t take double check and make sure your keywords are relevant. A few extra minutes could make a huge difference.

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