3 Steps in the Process of Lead Generation2 min read

3 Steps in the Process of Lead Generation

Leads are what make every business, big or small, viable. It’s what generates the business for future growth and expansion. This is the one commodity that everyone wants, but there aren’t always enough to go around. The lead generation process might seem complicated, but it’s not. Everybody has their own way of doing things, but mapping out a plan and executing it may allow for a quicker way and more authentic leads.

1.Gaining Leads

There always has to be a starting point with any plan. Gaining a lead is that point in lead generation. After all, you have to have an interested client before executing anything thereafter. There is a number of ways to gain leads in today’s world. There are limitless opportunities in communication that all people to connect with clients in seconds. The business can create blogs, videos, ebooks, and email blasts. The company has to remember to mix these things up. Create both text and visual posts of various lengths. Every potential client is different. Make the content appealing to everyone. Make sure to leave ways to contact the company or the lead generator individual. Once the client has made contact this become a new lead.

2. Water The Seed

Think of the lead as your seeds. It’s not quite a customer. You have to be able to bring it along. Part of that is keeping the connection going. It’s important to make sure to send out content and the ability to make purchases. It can be in the form of one time daily prizes or a much more involved process for a bigger purchase. The constant contact let’s the lead feel involved and in control. They grow as a lead and once they make a purchase they grow into a client. Stay positive. Not every lead develops quickly. Sometimes the process is more drawn out. Make sure to water and stay connected to all of your seeds.

3. Rank Leads

There’s nothing wrong with ranking potential clients. It’s a must. You have to gauge who is interacting more and less. This allows the company to accurately work on or move for a sale. Ranking interest and communication with potential clients is a routine practice done by every company. Rank each lead in tiers with spot for top, middle, and bottom levels pertaining to their interactions and interest level.

There are hundreds of ways to gain leads and execute sales. This easy process acts as a guideline to businesses no matter what kind of plans or outside the box sales strategies they may come up with.

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