What Is An Email Blast?2 min read

What Is An Email Blast?

What Is An Email Blast?

Ever since email was invented it has been making life a lot easier. The world of marketing is no different. It has helped companies spread their products and information quicker than they had ever imagined. “Email Blasts” isn’t just another catchy title for spam or mass email. It can be the foundation for a quality marketing plan if done correctly.

This specific type of email marketing isn’t setup to simply throw random thoughts and ideas at people. Email blasts are calculated and targeted toward a specific group of people. It could be focused toward a large or small group of established or potential clients. The number of people doesn’t really matter. It’s all about how the information is presented in the email.

What makes a good Email Blast?

One of most important factors has already been stated. You want quality over quantity. Make sure the recipients are people worth targeting instead of targeting anybody with a pulse. There are also a few common email practices to keep in mind. After all, just because this has a different name doesn’t mean that it’s a brand new concept.

It’s important to keep this consistent. Whatever time interval you choose to reach out to your clients keep them updated at the same time period. Another important aspect of these emails are too keep them balanced. Display pictures along with the text. Again, don’t go overboard and slap a bunch of things together, but use images to brighten up and support the text. Nobody wants to just speed read through a bunch of words. Furthermore, keep things short and sweet.  We’ve all clicked emails and saw the enormous length and thought, “I don’t have the time for this.”

You can also set up links to track activity. This way you know who is clicking what and what is working. This will help you modify future emails. It’s also important to send yourself a copy. This let’s you critique your finished product from the customer’s point of view. One overlooked aspect is that your information should be present on everything. Sure, you can have them click links to route back to your website for more information. What is the site is down? It’s always important to send out your contact information in the emails so that they can contact you on their time in a variety of ways.

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Although Email blasts sound like a complicated new idea, it’s really not. It’s simply a more precise marketing idea from an already well known form of communication. It should provide a lot of bounce back and lead generation when used correctly.

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