Why You Need Search Engine Optimization2 min read

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?

Why You Need Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) used to be a forge in and complex concept that went over a lot of people’s head. Although it can be a very involved process, many people use it or are experiencing it in their daily activity and may not realize it. SEO is a marketing tool used to gain more visibility when using search engines.

Why do I need SEO?

Just use yourself as an example, when you don’t know the answer to a question what do you do? You “Google it.”

When you see the results, you usually get what you’re looking for in the first several links that pop up. Let’s face it, nobody has the time to go through page after page of links. There may be a lot of quality articles if you look through all of the pages. The goal of each article, answer or link is to get on that first page of results. That means billions of people are seeing the information. That’s why big businesses, entrepreneurs, and even writers are using SEO to their advantage so they can place their products right in front of those who are looking for it.

There are many ways to do this. Some you might be familiar with and seem obvious and others might be a little more complex. Many of these things are already computed into that little device in your hand or your computer. Your search engine is likely linked up to your locations which allows you to search for businesses or events close to you. That’s why when you type in something in your search engine things pop up nearby. This is an example of relevance.

SEO is by no means an arbitrary act. It is strategic and uses many different areas to bring up results. That’s why not people fight so hard to follow the process to get to the front page of search engines. Aside from relevance, others areas include user experience, content quality, linking, device compatibility, proper tagging and social network linking.

Most people are familiar with the social aspect of SEO. This is where all of those funny little hashtags link up and take you where you want to go or at least push you toward some similar content.

Where Is Your Business In The Search Engines?

Many companies are pushing SEO classes in their business or requiring it to be taken individually. The basics are important for a lot of businesses. It could end up making a huge difference in the company image, exposure and ultimately their profit.

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