3 Ways to Make Online Marketing Work For Small Businesses2 min read

3 Ways to Make Online Marketing Work For Small Businesses

Do you know how online marketing can work for your small business?

Online marketing has gained a lot of popularity over recent years particularly for small local businesses. It is important to step outside the box, and be unique so that people choose you instead of your competition.

Create your own video content

Many people continue to do the same thing over and over and expect people to just flock to them. Using YouTube can be a great way to connect and teach. Some people are creating careers with the work they do on this outlet. Subscribers come from all over to be entertained or to learn. When it comes to SEO, marketers can screen share and give tutorials on how users can better use and get accustomed to sites and tools. Be sure that you provide links or information on other outlets that allow users to gain further knowledge as well. Make sure sound, and picture are good. Nobody wants to watch a grainy video.

Build relationships through social media

Using social media is an easy way to build relationships while gaining new clients. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even email marketing are ways that allow users to gain more information, as well as post and share their feedback. Being available and responsive to their concerns or reviews can be a way to build their trust and their business. If they feel like you listen and fix issues then they are more likely to stay in touch and continue to give you business. People need to feel comfortable and social media is a great way to connect one on one with them.

Giveaways Or Free Consultations

Everybody likes things a little bit better when they are free.  Consider marketing ideas like a free 30 minute consultation, buy one get one free, or even a special discount for a first time customer. These are great marketing ideas regardless of what type of product you sell or service you offer. If a customer thinks they are getting  something special they are more likely to return for more.

How can SEOleads.io help?

How can we help you small local business? We believe in accountability and trackable growth. We do not require long-term contracts and our holistic approach to each client’s campaign ensures that your online presence is always growing. Let SEOleads.io partner with you to help your small business thrive at an affordable cost. Get started by getting your website graded!