How To Improve Local Marketing2 min read

How To Improve Local Marketing

Local marketing strategies should be handled differently than large national accounts. There are several ways to market at the local level as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Know Your Audience

You have to know who you are pitching and selling to. On a local scale you must understand the demographics of the area. What are their likes, and dislikes? Where are they present? Which social media platforms are they most active? Know what they want and who they are to better service their needs. This may seem like a simple task, but with proper execution and understanding it can open up another sector of your business.

Target Audience

Once you identify your audience it is time to zone in on them. SEO is a wonderful way to be able to target these people specifically. You can use key words and phrases in blogs and social media posts that align with their searches. You can make sure that your content and their eyes cross paths as often as possible. It is okay to not have all the tools in the world especially at the local level. Ensuring that the tools you have are focused and precise to your audience is much more important.

Embrace The Community

Are there big events in the area? A local beer tasting or a big festival? Make your presence known. Letting people get to know you, and your business allows them to better understand you. Being able to put a face with words and content is very important. It makes you seem human and not just a robot behind a desk that is trying to get their attention and use them for your own benefit. Personality can drive business as much as keywords.

Run Contests and Promotions

Promotions and contests are another incentive to build an audience. It allows potential customers to gain free things. Gift cards, money, tickets to special local events, or discounts on local restaurants are all promotions that can be useful. These tickets can be given away in person or through social media posts. These can be positive and create a buzz for the business. Things like these often to retweeted or shared and drive more business. Exchanging free goods and service for contact information can keep people in the loop on your business and allow for you to capitalize on other promotions and future business.

How SEO Can Help

SEO is still the best way to ensure your local business gets seen by the right people. At we work with each client to create tailor fit marketing plans specifically for your small business in your exact location.