4 Local Search Features You Should Utilize2 min read


If you want organic and local search results, you are still using Google for your SEO business needs. Despite the ever-changing nature of marketing and sale, that’s something that remains unchanged going in 2019. However, Google has some added features that can boost your SEO and allow you to get the most out of your business.

Allowing Direct Customer Communication

Personalizing communication can allow customers to feel like a more vital part of the business process. Allowing them to ask questions and chat allows more meaningful interactions that could lead to more leads and conversions. This feature can be used by downloading the Google My Business App. Then turn on customer messaging and then enable your push notifications to let you know when someone is trying to communicate. The trick in all this is that all customer communication should be handled by a reliable and trustworthy team member. This way you don’t have multiple people receiving messages and communicating different information.

Add Descriptions and Information for Your Business

Google Plus is gone, but Google My Business is becoming a vital tool for small and local businesses. One additional feature allows businesses to tailor descriptions and add on important information. Often customers want some background before reaching out. Providing potential clients with your history, skills, and what makes your business unique should be included. Giving information up front helps the client feel more comfortable before they correspond further.

Get Social With Google

Google wants to get socially involved with its user. That is one of the reasons they are adding in better ways to communicate with their clients. Using Google Posts clients can begin to “like” your posts and business. Allowing a more social environment for both your clients and business is critical to its growth. Much like when Facebook or Twitter posts go viral, your business posts can go viral can as well. Before you know it, your business could be flooded with new inquiries because of one of your blogs, or new interactive media you posted.

Google Call to Action

You can create multiple calls-to-action with Google Posts. Allow clients to contact you with a phone number of your choice. Typically, this is the primary phone number for your business, but you can update it any time. If you use an alternate personal number, that you revise it on Google so your calls and customers don’t get lost. Mobile listings also offer a “Call Now” button to branded pages which makes it easier and more efficient when customers want to reach out.

How can SEOleads.io help?

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