Twitter Marketing Tips for Local Businesses2 min read


Utilizing social media is one of the key ways to broaden your local business. It connects all of us no matter what demographic we are in. You can’t simply hop right in though, it takes a little studying. Twitter is a very useful tool for local businesses and there are several ways it can put your business on the map.

Simple Searches

We are in the age of asking the internet to solve our problems. If you start typing something in Google or another search engine it is likely that it will pop up with the rest of your thought automatically. Using Twitter’s search bar can allow your to come into contact with potential customers that can use your service. Many times they go to Twitter to complain or review a specific service. Here you can reach out to them and provide possible answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. Consider sending them links to your web page or content that meets their needs.

Sync Social Media

One of the biggest ways to help the promotion of your local business is to sync some of your social media outlets together. Make sure that there are links provided to your potential clients on each of your pages as well. This allows you to send out your blogs, or other content in one post. It will save you time and energy to focus on other aspects of your business. a few tips are to add your Twitter page to your LinkedIn profile, install LinkedIn tweets application on your LinkedIn profile and creating a Twitter list to add to your profile to track clients.

Utilize Hashtags

Hashtags are like conversation starters. All you have to do is use # accompanied by a keyword or phrase and you can gather much-needed information about your clients from their conversations about their experiences as they share them with others. It might seem simple, but that is the beauty of the whole app. It is a cheap way to connect your local business with the people that need it.

How can help?

Social media is just one way that we can help market your local business. We do not require long-term contracts and our holistic approach to each client’s campaign ensures that your online presence is always growing. Let partner with you to help your local business thrive at an affordable cost. Get started by getting your website graded!