3 Ways to Build a Better Email Blast for Your Small Business2 min read

3 Ways to Build a Better Email Blast for Your Small Business

Sometimes email blasts can seem mundane and repetitive. It isn’t uncommon to feel stuck trying to figure out what else to include. There are a few things that you can do to spice things up and infuse your next blast with exactly what it needs to draw attention to your small business and continue to grow.

Think Outside the Box

If you think of it as an email blast, chances are it is going to come out like every other blast that you have written. It might be a steady stream of random thoughts. Make it useful and engaging. You want people to respond and follow up, not read through and never look at it again. The more interactive you make it the more likely they’ll be to open it the next time instead of sending it to the spam folder. Make sure you use a marketing plan and write out your thoughts before it is posted. It will look organized and clean.

Be Valuable

It is a very competitive landscape as a small business owner. You have to make sure that you give the potential client something that they value. Consider offering interesting promotions or a free limited service that only they are eligible for. Don’t just throw something out there that you think they may want. Try using a poll to figure out what the majority of your clients would be interested in. This will keep them engaged and make them want to read your content  and keep coming back for new offers and promotion.

Track Your Results

If you don’t track what you are doing then it is really just a waste of time. No matter how good you think you are doing there are always ways to improve. Your email marketing reports can monitor who is opening emails, clicking links and even sharing content. This will allow your to develop benchmarks and push to do better, or improve some areas that you might be lacking in. If you are willing to listen, your customers are going to give you the answers to building your small business.

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