3 Major Online Marketing Trends2 min read

3 Major Online Marketing Trends

There has been a shift in how online businesses and marketing will take shape in the coming years. It is all about embracing digital and technological advances. This will alter how you manage your SEO and reach your clients.

There are several areas to take a closer look at.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a scary concept to many businesses, but it is clearly the way of the future. Many customers are taking part in this without even knowing it. AI detects the way a person searches the internet and how they interact on social media. This allows companies and SEO to take better form around the data the customer is giving them. AI also allows problem solving in more efficient matters with bots to help with customer service. There will be continued growth in this area thanks to its cost-effective ability.

Getting More Personal

This is the age of personalized business and services. There is no more status quo or standard way of doing things. People want to be catered to and have their specific needs addressed. Businesses are stepping out of the box and becoming more detail for their customers. Whether it is Netflix, Facebook, or through email, customers prefer to have their own twist on their products. Data is collected through searches, and you now have the ability to cater their products and services more adequately and focus on your real customers no matter their age, background, or specific preferences

Social Messaging

If companies want business then they have to go where the people are. In this case, it will be going to where the conversations are. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are hotbeds for message traffic. Businesses can also be a part of the action and send messages to potential clients. This can come in the form of automated messages from related pages that the customer already visits or has liked in the past. People are spending a large chunk of their time on social media or at least on their mobile device. It is vital that businesses plant themselves where their customers already go.

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