How Does Twitter Boost Your Business?2 min read

3 Ways Why Twitter Can Boost Your Business

Social Media has taken the world by storm. Many people use apps like Twitter to stay current with world news, sports and even get deals on items they frequently purchase. Twitter isn’t just an outlet to pass the time on your lunch break. Businesses are using Twitter to rebrand themselves and set themselves apart from the competition.

How Does Twitter Boost Your Business


  1. Generating New Clients

There is only so much you can do in your community to spread the word about your new business. The internet and social media have created new paths for success. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has created specific techniques that allow your page to be in the public eye. Nobody has time to sit around and click through websites on page six of our google search. Twitter is the same way. Businesses can be “Favorited” and “Retweeted” passing it off to new potential customers. It’s like the new age “Word of Mouth Marketing.” Furthermore, there are other links on Twitter like “Discover” that allow you to search new friends or businesses that you might also want to follow based on common interest. Generating business with Twitter is all about being present and consistent. If you continue to make yourself known and become popular potential clients will come knocking before you know it.

  1. Enhanced Communication

We live in the generation where we want everything and we want it yesterday. Nobody wants to wait when they don’t have to. Twitter is one of the simplest ways to communicate with people directly. The same can work for your business. Users are able to use hashtags “#” to link certain things to other people. These act much like SEO keywords. Let’s say I just tweeted “Sally’s Pizza is the best pizza joint in the city #SallysPizza. Instantly that can be linked to anybody that follows me or anybody that search the hashtag “Sally’s Pizza.” Whatever your business is, it can benefit from the instant communication you have with your customer.

  1. Availability

We always have our phones in our faces, or at the very least in our pockets. This makes us available much more often than past generations. Why not take advantage of your mobile device and have it make you some money? Twitter uses notifications whenever someone tweets at you, favorites, retweets, follows you or direct messages you. This allows you to have an open line of communication day or night. Being able to talk directly to the customer the business owner can build a line or trust and personal relationship that so many customers value.


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