How Important Is Online Presence For Small Businesses?2 min read

How Important Is Online Presence For Small Businesses?

You need an online presence to help your business grow.

To answer the initial question — how important is an online presence for small businesses? Extremely! In fact, according to Forbes, “Research demonstrates that smaller businesses, by and large, are not maximizing the benefit of their Internet presence.” For the past decade, emerging technology companies that focus on commercial and residential real estate products and services have moved quickly, forcing traditional real estate firms to rethink their core business models and embrace digital first innovations.

Here some reasons why it’s crucial for small businesses to have and maintain an online presence.

It allows you access to a wider audience

An online presence also lets the customer to come to you at any time and from anywhere. Even when you’re closed, customers will be able to purchase goods and services online. The customer is basically doing all the heavy lifting for you, and you reap the benefits of it via profit and the potential of new customers.

It enhances accessibility

Everyone has heard of Google, and in most cases, it’ll likely be the gateway through which new users find your website. However, if a consumer Googles your products or services and comes up empty-handed, then they have no way to find out about you. At that point, they’ll likely come across your competition and, guess what? You lost out on a potential new customer.

It enables you to see what works and what doesn’t

An online presence allows you to see the effects of all your efforts. SEO and tracking online metrics of your website and social media accounts is very easy and yields numerical proof of what works and what doesn’t. For instance, if you’re consistently sharing content from your website or blog posts, you’re able to see spikes in visits and the popularity of some posts/blogs over others. These metrics depict your audiences’ preferences, thus allowing you to tailor content to them.

It can make or break your success

Here’s the bottom line: having an online presence can make or break a business, especially for small business owners. Allowing users access to a user-friendly website (or mobile app) displays all your product and service information effortlessly. Making this information easily accessible online can (and usually does) have an effect on customers. Having an online presence opens up the possibility of new and returning business.

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