4 Common SEO Mistakes A Small Business Makes2 min read

4 Common SEO Mistakes A Small Business Makes

Don’t let SEO mistakes keep your small business down.

For many small business owners, SEO tactics and techniques aren’t a priority. And we’ve found this holds true, mainly because, the knowledge of how to implement SEO just isn’t there. Wouldn’t it be great to have a resource that could help explain some of your most burning SEO questions? Oh, wait… you’ve got us!

Below are some of the most common SEO mistakes to avoid for small business owners.

Building a website on a free subdomain

You might think you’re saving money on the front end, but you’re losing credit with your inbound links. According to American Express’ small business blog, “As a website accumulates inbound links, it begins to rank better within the search engines. When you build your site on a free subdomain, you risk that if you ever choose to move your website (and there are numerous reasons that you may decide to do so), you will lose credit for all of the links aimed at your “free subdomain” website.”

Building primarily flash-based websites

Long ago, in a galaxy far away, search engines couldn’t index the content on Flash sites. Luckily, Flash optimization has come a long way. But, just because improvements have been made, doesn’t mean you need to go hog wild with the flash-based website techniques. “While having Flash based components isn’t a problem (such as a flash banner rotating images of your products), most small business owners would be better off avoiding heavy use of Flash, unless they also have the budget to bring in Flash SEO professionals to ensure the search engines can read it,

Not optimizing local listing pages

According to Google, 20% of all Google searches are local in nature. And lately, Google My Businesses listings have been showing up at the top of the search results for more and more of those search queries. So, if you want to be found for locally based searches on Google, it’s vital that you claim and optimize your Google My Business listing. Not sure how? Check our blog with detailed instructions.

Not link-building

According to American Express, “Links are still widely believed to be the single most important ‘off page’ SEO factor…. Unfortunately, many small business owners put their sites up and completely ignore the inbound link building process afterward.” This means, without links from other websites, your website won’t rank in search engines. The more competitive your niche, the more links you will need to get. Make sure every link is a quality website that offers correct information and easy navigation.

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