What Is PPC Marketing?2 min read

What is PPC Marketing?

What Is PPC Marketing?

Advertising is all around us. Most of the time we take it for granted as we drive down the road or scroll down our news feed. There will always be businesses trying to gain attention and exposure as long as clients are needed and there is money to be made. There are several new ways that advertising groups have been able to gain your attention and you might not have even noticed. One of these tactics is called Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing.


PPC offers the advertiser the ability to pay for traffic. The company pays the publisher or website each time that their ad is clicked. This is the advertisers way of generating traffic instead of having to seek it out in a different fashion. Sometimes attempts to garner attention can fall short of expectations. Companies who spread their PPC ads across a number of different markets are very wise. The more and more customers see a product pop up in their daily activity the more likely they are to click out of interest or even pure curiosity.


No matter how this attention is generated, the end result is that traffic is coming to their business. This means they are more likely to gain business on whatever products they might be selling. Think of it like getting someone to come into a store. They can buy anything unless they are in the building. Instead of using a guy flipping a sign in front of your store, you’re using a more strategic and we’ll thought out approach.

Control Costs

Some companies aren’t thrilled at the idea of paying for to drive traffic, but like SEO the company is going to focus in on customers who are actually interested. PPC is one of the better options in today’s business world because it lets companies control cost. For example, the advertiser only pays when the ad is actually clicked. It also allows you to control your floor or ceiling when it comes to spending. It provides flexible options for massive organization or individual business owners.

It can also provide as an extension of SEO. In some aspects it may work better. PPC can show SEO what keywords and slogans are working best. Not only can they do that, but they can do it with a quick turn around. PPC might be able to return status results the next day. This provides much needed data correspondence that marketers need. When it’s done quickly, it can allow the advertisers to fix or create new campaigns that fill in the gaps. This will allow them to literally get the most bang for their buck.

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