Why Have An SEO Partner?4 min read

SEO Resellers will see an even bigger advantage to taking on an SEO partner. The reason for this is simple: The Coronavirus of 2020 has sent more businesses online than ever before. They are not just operating online, but they are investing in SEO to market their products and services. 

More businesses online means more competition, and therefore more work for SEO firms. For small SEO firms to keep up with today’s demands means relying on an SEO partner to efficiently handle the increase in search engine marketing and get their client’s real results.

Why Have An SEO Partner

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What Is An SEO Reseller Partnership?

An SEO reseller partnership is a partnership between two SEO companies. Resellers handle the products and services marketed as well as bring in new clients while the other private label SEO firm handles the actual work. This is often done because of work overload. SEO resellers can focus on other areas of their business when marketing campaigns become bigger than they can handle.

SEO Partnerships are private, meaning clients do not know that another firm is handling the day to day tasks to keep their online business improving. Partners work together under one company brand providing outstanding services to clients that they may not be able to receive with just one firm alone.

Becoming an SEO reseller is one of the best ways to get involved in digital marketing

The Benefits Of Being An SEO Reseller 

  1. Skills And Experience – Some clients will want services that you may not offer in-house. By partnering with an SEO firm that offers a wide range of services, you will never have to tell your clients, no. A great thing to remember when deciding which firm to partner with is that you want someone who has skills you may not have in-house.
  1.  Cost – SEO services can become costly. If you don’t have someone in-house to handle specific tasks you may end up hiring, and that can cost a lot. You may also need specific software or subscriptions for services your client wants. When you partner with an SEO firm, sharing can be much more cost effective in general.

3. Building Your Own Business – When you are a small SEO firm you have to help your clients succeed while also continuing to grow your business. This can prove difficult early on. When you partner with another SEO firm your time is freed up. While your SEO partner focuses on the daily tasks that need to be done to serve clients, you can be out securing fresh leads and continuing to build your business by finding new clients.

What To Expect From Your SEO Partner

There are a number of services that get SEO client’s results. When you partner with an SEO Firm you should make sure that they offer the basics  including:

  • Content Writing – New fresh content regularly updated on a business website is the best way to ensure traffic and getting picked up by search engines.
  • Social  Media – Social media has become one of the best ways to get the word out about the business. A social media plan that includes weekly if not daily postings is critical for your client’s success.
  • Link Building – Link building is the best and most effective way to boost domain authority. This skill is one of the most important you will want in any SEO firm you partner with.
  • Keyword Optimizaiton – On page keyword optimization will ensure businesses rank in the search engines. Keyword research for your client and using them in optimization services is key to only online marketing success.
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