How do we manage SEO and what makes us different?2 min read

The short answer is, we care.

In a more technical elaboration, we invite you to the reading pleasure that awaits below. But seriously, we do a lot more than most, and we really do care about our clients, partners, and making sure we are doing a good job.

Below is a detailed breakdown of our digital marketing service. We go beyond traditional “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) by helping you to generate and track conversions (leads such as form submissions, phone calls, new customers, sales). We use SEO, email marketing (email newsletters, targeted messages), social media (paid and/or unpaid), content creation (blogs), and other client-specific methods to produce leads. We will first determine what that action item is to your business and the potential value, before creating our “goal” as they’re called in Google Analytics. 

Points to note:

  1. Valuable organic search traffic and leads (potential customers) for your website, focusing on high quality content and following the ever-changing rules of the Google algorithm (this includes AI).

    The value of organic traffic grows exponentially as volume increases and organic search presence is properly managed for a longer period of time. Organic search is said to be the most valuable, as leads who find you from organic searches have a much higher “buyer intent” and conversion rate.

    We do “SEO” and make websites relevant organically, as opposed to “black-hat” SEO which uses tricks in an attempt to game the Google algorithm. This can have short term benefits but much greater and longer term consequences.
    Hence, we simply “follow the rules” of the algorithm and make the best possible content to help our clients’ sites to become organically ranked, without using any internet-spam tactics. We do so via the deliverables below, which I’d be happy to break down in detail on another call.

Include paid search to bolster results, after establishing some organic history. It is most effective for a potential customer or lead to see your branding / information in several sources, and is the easiest way to scale a model that’s already proven to work.