What is a citation?1 min read

Think of this as any relevant reference to your business online, whereas not only your URL but your business information is listed. This helps Google to understand that your company is associated with this URL, and to piece together the framework that encompasses your online ecosystem. It makes it easier for the search algorithm to know that someone is referring to your business in a social media post for example. There are many ways that citations positively impact your business and it’s still a crucial part of the SEO process. Anything from your Twitter (sorry, X) account to a Yelp listing to a mention on an association’s website, could be considered a citation.

The key is to ensure you’re getting quality citations. Stay away from scenarios in which you’re promised a huge number of citations (especially if they’re being referred to as “backlinks” for a low rate). It can actually do more damage than assistance. An example would be a company in a country with lighter online regulations, who may be able to “spam the internet” as it’s now called, with your URL or post material.

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