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Dominating SEO Trends Dominating

Few strategies, unlike online marketing, are as competitive or as quickly evolving as SEO. Forbes says SEO is marked by a history of algorithm updates, new technologies, and new techniques to win real estate at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs).  This has SEO experts chomping at the bit to predict or learn the latest trends that will shape our businesses’ digital futures.

Video and image search will vastly improve

Accordingly, we’ll continue to see an evolution in our online interactions and how Google and other search engines treat videos and images online. Per Forbes, “Gradually, our online interactions have evolved to become more visual. Over the past few years, faster internet speeds, more visual-friendly social media platforms, and a general public desire to engage with more images and videos have led to a surge in visual online interactions.” Some companies have begun to recognize video and image more accurately. They’ve also sought to improve the user experience with video and images.

Customization will change

What we mean is, customization will change the way rankings are calculated. While search engines have been pushing development in search results, relying on individual search histories, Other technologies like smart speakers have increased the convenience of search and the sophistication of the technology. According to Forbes, “With the advent of smart speakers, the increased convenience of search, and greater technological sophistication, the personalization factor will likely increase even further in 2018, making it more difficult to predict how your company will rank—or what you’ll rank for.”

SEO will grow beyond Google and Bing

We bet you never thought we’d ever say something like that. With Google and Bing being two of the most popular search engines, it’s hard to believe that anything could expand beyond them. However, according to Forbes, “Google still dominates the search engine sphere, remaining the most popular search platform by far, but third-parties like Yelp and Amazon, as well as digital assistants like Siri have stepped in to become relevant search engines in their own right.” Technology is continuously developing, and SEO is doing the same. can help

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